Kathryn Carlisle our Senior Managing Director at the BCoE was recently a part of REIMAGINE 2020’s 72-hour live stream speaking on Global Blockchain Education. REIMAGINE 2020 is a virtual blockchain conference and networking event designed to help people learn more about Blockchain to find the solutions to build a decentralized future. Kathryn was interviewed by Ashlie MeredithHead of Education at MouseBelt Labs. MouseBelt Labs, the leading facilitator of REIMAGINE 2020, is the only full-service blockchain accelerator and startup studio in the world, helping businesses and student groups by investing in new blockchain projects since 2018. 

Kathryn and Ashlie discussed how institutions are encouraging and affecting the Blockchain space with the advantages of university involvement. They also spoke on the founding of the BCoE and Walton’s involvement in the center as well as their continued support of new classes on Blockchain. Kathryn shared her journey into the blockchain space and how her experience through nonprofit work really cemented her desire to learn more and to help those in need. Finally, Kathryn and Ashlie talked about what it takes to succeed in the Blockchain space, as well as, what makes Northwest Arkansas a unique hub for Blockchain technology. 

Watch the full video interview here.