The Blockchain Center of Excellence is ecstatic to announce that we have become an institutional member of the CEBB. The Center for Evidence-Based Blockchain is the world’s first global initiative advancing evidence-based blockchain and the goal is to have a neutral and cost-effective industry research into the blockchain environment. The British Blockchain Associationwho launched the CEBB, advocates for evidence-based adoption of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in all sectors of the market.  

The CEBB does this with help of their institutional members who span from other universities such as SUSS and RMIT as well as organizations such as cryptoecon and patientory associationJoining the CEBB opens up the center to their exclusive member portals which allows the U of A Blockchain Center of Excellence into a close-knit network of Blockchain industry experts and scholars working together to solve some of the biggest problems in the blockchain space, which includes setting evidence-based frameworks. Through this network the CEBB hopes to bridge the gap between the emerging Blockchain industry and the academic field of Blockchain research by combining various voices for the advancement of evidence-based standards in Blockchain. Combining the ideas of various Blockchain industries they are setting up benchmarks and frameworks to help governments, business, policymakers, or any others who wish to make evidence-based decisions regarding Blockchain.  

In the vein of assisting with all the research going on at the CEBB we are also excited to announce that our very own Dr. Mary LacityExecutive Director of the BCoE, will be a contributing editor to the Journal of the British Blockchain Association, the JBBAthe world’s first peer-reviewed, academic journal exclusive to Blockchain technologyDistributed Ledger technology, and Cryptocurrencies. Our team at the Blockchain Center of Excellence is enthusiastic about contributing to future research of blockchain-enabled technologies especially with the help of the British Blockchain Association and the CEBB. 

If you’d like to learn more about the BBA, or the CEBB please visit their website here.