We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mary Lacity, Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence, will be speaking at the 4th Annual Blockchain in Oil & Gas Virtual Conference from September 17th – 18th At this year’s conference, many affluent speakers will lead discussions on how Blockchain can both affect and be integrated into the oil and gas industry.  

The energy sector is one of the foundations of today’s modern society. On the way to greener and more efficient systems, blockchain technology will play a significant role in optimization and cost efficiency boosting of the whole market.Thinking on these words by the conference organizers we look forward to learning more on this topic from so many industry experts on how Blockchain can work with the energy sector to become better than ever.  

Dr. Lacity will specifically be speaking on Shared Governance Portfolios on Friday, September 18th at 10am CDT, as well as facilitating a panel discussion on what makes Blockchain different from current processes that same day at 1pm CDT. If you’d like to see Dr. Lacity and many others speak on this riveting topic, register for the conference hereAnd thank you for supporting Dr. Lacity and the Blockchain Center of Excellence in furthering the dissemination of Blockchain knowledge.