Meet The Speakers

Mike Walker

 Sr. Director of Applied Innovation & Digital Transformation at Microsoft

Mike Walker is internationally known as an expert in innovation, strategy development, and enterprise architecture. His insights are sought-after as a speaker at major events worldwide. Additionally, he has delivered keynote speeches for conferences and events on five continents.

Walker is skilled at solving complex problems with innovative solutions through the implementation of large scale implementations. He has also evolved many of the concepts behind mainstream architectural approaches and styles. His works are realized through the publication in books, trade publications, authoritative architecture guidance, articles, code delivery and standardized frameworks. Walker is quoted and referenced throughout the industry as an expert in architecture shown though in articles and books such as, “Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post- Gates Era”, where he is named as a key thought leader at the Microsoft Corporation. His frameworks and works have been featured in media outlets such as:,,,, and has been demonstrated in keynotes by Bill Gates at industry events.

Speaker Sessions

Friday, October 2

10:00 AM – CDT |Digital Ecosystems


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